When and where is the parade held?

The Parade takes place every March 17th, regardless of the day it falls on whether weekend or weekday, starting at 11:00 a.m. at Broadway & Linwood streets. See the Parade Route on a map. The Parade usually ends around 1:30 p.m.

Frequently asked questions

When will the streets close for the parade?

We will post “NO PARKING” signs along the parade route and staging and disbursement areas at least 24 hours in advance for notification of businesses and residents and patrons in the area. No Parking will be enforced starting 5am on March 17th, the police will begin ticketing and towing vehicles off of the route starting at 5am. The entire route will begin closing on March 17th starting at 8am from the south section of Broadway moving north to 31st street.

Where can I park for the parade?

We have created a Google map with available parking locations along the parade route. Simply click on any of the “P” icons on the page for the lot location, opening times, # of spaces available and cost to park. You can access that Google Map here. Alternatively, you can use KCMO public transit to arrive to the parade area, or use a ride-share service like Iris, Uber or Lyft.

Will the entries be throwing candy?

Unfortunately no – it is STRICTLY against the rules for our parade for any entry on the route to hand out candy or any other items while they are progressing down the parade route. This is for the safety for not only our parade entries, but all of the attendees of the parade as well.

May I bring a cooler to the parade?

Yes, with restrictions. Glass containers are not allowed in coolers or on the route. Alcoholic beverages are also not allowed on the parade route. You are requested to only bring a personal-sized cooler, so leave the refrigerator-sized one at home this time. Also, subject to the direction of city ordinances and the police department, coolers may be searched and/or confiscated. Your cooperation with the police department is thereby requested. Please be sure to respect our streets as well and take your litter with you after the parade has ended.

Will food and drink be available?

Yes. There will be multiple vendors on the route that will have food/drink available for purchase. We encourage you to patronize these vendors as well as the businesses located along the parade route.

Are pets allowed along the route / in the parade?

While we have no restrictions on pets along the route, because of the size of the audience, and for safety’s sake, you should leave your pets at home. Animals are allowed in the parade, provided that you have noted this on your parade application, and you have people in place with your entry responsible for cleaning up any animal waste.

Where is the best location to view the parade?

There are a wealth of great options for viewing the parade along our route. The crowd tends to be the heaviest nearer to beginning of the parade, at the review stand, and in Westport, given the collection of restaurants & bars in that area.

Will the parade be canceled due to bad weather?

The parade goes on, rain, snow, or shine, and we make every effort to hold the parade unless in circumstances of severe weather where it is unsafe for people to be outdoors.

Are there restroom options along the parade route?

Yes, there are portable toilets located at several areas along the parade route.

Is the parade the same lineup every year?

No, we have several entries that come back year after year, and we have several new entries each year. Our committee does a great job of lining up the parade each year, to ensure that each of our entries are well spaced, and unique from each other as much as possible.