Parade Entries

Each year our parade features well over 100 different entries that span community organizations, businesses, governmental officials, families, and individual community members. Parade entrants compete for prizes, and are judged by seven individuals with varying backgrounds and expertise – arts, music, education, business, religion, etc. Entries are judged on their adherence to the theme, showmanship, adherence to the rules and safety, craftsmanship, etc. The top finisher in each entry category receives a prize as well as the overall grand prize entry.

Our parade entries are organized into several different categories for judging:

  • Band/Drill Team

  • Dance Team

  • Irish Dance School

  • School (Public/Private)

  • Families

  • Media

  • Organization/Trades

  • Car/Motorcycle Clubs

  • School (Commercial/Trade)

  • Businesses

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Previous Parade Winners

Take a walk down memory lane and see the recap of our winning parade entries through the past few years!