Parade Safety Tips

The Kansas City St. Patrick’s Day Parade is a fun, festive, and family friendly event! Let’s keep it that way by following these planning and safety tips.
Leave these prohibited items at home.


The Federal Aviation Administration recommends that drones never be flown over groups of people, public events, or stadiums full of people. Learn more about drone safety and regulations from the Federal Aviation Administration.


Please leave firearms and other weapons at home.

Drugs & Alcoholic Beverages

The KC St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee follows Kansas City Ordinances and does not allow any drugs or alcoholic beverages to be consumed in parade staging, along the parade route, or in disbursement.

Tips for Attending with Children

Check the weather before going to the route. Change items in your bag to include extra layers, a rain jacket/umbrella, or more sunscreen/water.

Bring a chair, stroller, or wagon to help your child if they get tired.

Include a unique item in your child’s outfit. Something that would be an easy visual identifier should you become separated.

Find parking, restrooms, first aid stations, lost child stations, and more on our map at

Stay home if you or your child is sick. Parades aren't fun when you're not feeling well. Protect your child and others by staying home until they feel better.

Travel Safely To & From the Parade

DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. Please designate a driver in your group or use public transit/ride-share apps to celebrate safely.

Plan ahead for heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Be patient and build extra time into travel.

Slow down and don't drive distracted, streets are crowded with fellow parade goers.

Keep Kansas City beautiful and clean – take all items with you when you leave the route and dispose of them properly.

Respect the businesses and residents along the parade route. Do not double-park or park in driveways, on neutral grounds (medians), in front of water hydrants, or on the parade route. Your car may get towed and/or you may receive a fine. There is plenty of parking along the route that can be viewed here.

Keep track of your group

Plan a meeting spot in advance in case your group gets separated.

Take a "safety selfie" of your group at the beginning of the day. That way if you can't find someone, you have a photo of what they're wearing.

If you can't find your child, tell the nearest public safety official. There are also lost children stations along the route.

Enjoy the parade safely

Stay behind barricades, out of the street, and don’t cross the street between parade entries. Please only cross at designated crosswalks.

Respect the police. The KCPD officers are doing their best to keep everyone safe and are deserving of your cooperation and compliance. Have fun and be smart.

Enjoy the parade from the sidelines. Don't walk with or touch members of marching bands, dance, or walking groups.

Stay clear of sanitation crews and their heavy equipment after the parade.

Be aware of your surroundings

Keep track of your personal belongings. Do not leave belongings unattended as they will be reported to safety officials

If you see something suspicious, say something to a public safety official or one of our parade volunteers who can alert public safety. Please do not attempt to solve the situation on your own.

Carry valuables (I.D., keys, cash, etc.) in your front pocket. This puts would-be pickpockets at a disadvantage. Don’t bring expensive items to the route with you or in plain sight in your parked car – leave them at home.

Be aware of your surroundings. If something feels like it is unsafe, follow your instincts.