Harvester's Go for the Green Food Drive

February 1 - March 17, 2024

The “Go for the Green” Food Drive is a unique opportunity for schools, businesses and organizations to combat hunger in our community. For the past 39 years, the Kansas City St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee has sponsored this drive in conjunction with Harvester's Food Network.

Three Ways to Participate

At Your School

Many area schools of all ages participate each year. The school that receives the most donations wins:

Free Parade Entry
Barrel Trophy
Host Kick-Off Party

Your Business or Org

We encourage business and organizations in the community to participate in our virtual food drive. The winner of the competition has their name engraved on a barrel trophy as well as a free entry in the following parade year.

Donate Online

Donate online through the Virtual Food Drive. Here you can donate and select which school, business, or organization you would like your donation to be credited to. A donation of just $1 provides 2 meals for the hungry in our community.

Donate Now

If you are ready to Go for the Green with your organization, then simply click the “Go for the Green” button below and you’ll be taken directly to our food drive page on the Harvester’s website.

Simply click the "Form a Team" button with your organization or business name, and set your fundraising goal, then on the next screen, select "Virtual Food Drive Shopper" and then complete the team registration information.

Once your team has been created, be sure to share across your network to become the top team and win the drive!